Igloo News – October 2017

Hey everyone!
Hope you are well and getting all your Jellies stocked up for Halloween?

First up we have some more Great festival news about our short film DEPOSITS. So apart from being screened in the Galway Film Fleadh, it has now also been selected for the Cork Film Festival in November and it just recently received the Honorable Mention Award at the Dublin Animation Film Festival. Not bad !

Deposits is an Igloo Animations production, directed by Trevor Courtney, written by Adrienne Michel-Long, produced by Michael Algar and funded by the Irish Film Board.


Other recently finished productions include: Animations on Shakespeare’s King Lear for Wartank, an animated video on sustainability for Ornua, another video for the Environmental Protection Agency on backyard burning and a video for Priority Drilling.

To see video examples please visit our Gimme The Short Version website here:

King-Lear_01 King-Lear_02 Ornua_01 Ornua_02

An extensive amount of new work has been done on KRONE, an animated feature that we are developing, as we get ready to make an application for the Single Project Media Fund with help from the Creative Europe Desk Ireland.

Krone is about a gentle-natured boy of the Vermillian species who must learn to fight if he is to leave his world, the dying planet of Krone.

See some Artwork below.




OK, that’s about it for the moment and let’s hope there are no more storms. Enjoy the holidays and don’t get sick eating too many jellies before the trick or treaters arrive !
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Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

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