Igloo News – February 2018

Happy 2018 Everyone and hope you are all doing well.

OK, before I go through the Igloo news, first things first: We have made an animated video that explains how you can do your bit to stop plastics destroying our oceans. Some of you like myself, may have seen the Blue Planet 2 episode that opened our eyes about the drastic effects that plastics have on our oceans – which is SHOCKING to say the least.

To help get the message out there, please share this video and if you want to embed it on your website or show it in schools, please do – you Do Not need our permission, it’s Free to use – Just click on the image below.

For more information on Animated Explanation Videos, please visit


Very recently, we have received some funding from the Irish Film Board to bring our Adult Animated Comedy Show FANTASY IRELAND to its final stages of development, which is Awesome!

So, what’s it all about?
We join flatmates; CIARA, JAY and TONY, three unwitting everyday heroes who are tasked to protect Ireland. They must to do battle with the greedy, power obsessed FR. MURPHY and his sidekick, the mischievous gold loving Leprechaun FLATLEY who are hell bent on sucking our island dry of its wealth and wellbeing!



Our Short Film Deposits, has been also selected for Animation Dingle and the Tampere Film Festival in Finland, which is great because it’s an Oscar qualifying festival, so fingers crossed 🙂



Our next short film is titled THE TALE OF TWO HUMPS. It’s about two brothers that have been born with big old cursed humps on their backs. They both take opposite attitudes towards life, which leads them to different fortunes.



And last but not least – see new poster for KRONE – pretty cool, right?


OK, that’s about it for the moment. Email or phone in, for any of your animation needs and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates.

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney


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