Tales from Dún Draíochta (TV series)

Looking for tales of Talking Goats, Giants, Changelings, Fairy Folk, Flying Chariots, Warriors, and a smart as a whip Salmon? Welcome to Dun Draíochta.


Tales from Dun Draíoct is a 10 X 11 minute animated series full of old Irish lore, modern, madcap adventures and plenty of craic for the entire family. In every story a character from the town of Dun Draíocht encounters a mythical, magical being and winds up on a wild, hilarious adventure, always ending up with a problem solved and a lesson learnt. Sure, isn’t that what Old Irish Tales are all about in the first place?

Director: Trevor Courtney

Writers: Ciaran Morrison & Mick O’Hara, Marina Carr, Trevor Courtney and Danny Stack

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