Igloo News – March 2019

Hey there Everyone and hope you are all settling into the year 2019 – the year Bladerunner (the movie) was set in! WOW!!!

Big News is that our Short Film DEPOSITS has been nominated for an Award at the Irish Animation Awards – see more on this at the end of this mailer & the entire short film for your viewing too 🙂

First up, we have just finished up on the production of a lovely animated video for SEAI on The Story Of Energy aimed at school children 9 – 12’s. See video below.

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The Oireachtas have commissioned Igloo to produce and animated video showing the history of the Oireachtas Library, which is now almost 100 years old. See image below


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You can see the Music Video that we produced for new Dublin band
BETA-MAX featuring the voice of MayKay. Great Craic making this !!! Follow them on twitter here @BETAMAXTUNES

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As usual we’ve been producing many Whiteboard Animated & Explanation Videos for many different clients. See our latest below for CYPSC. For more Animated Explanation Video examples please visit our Gimme The Short Version website here: and view some other custom made videos here too

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And finally, our Short Film DEPOSITS festival screenings have now come to an end at the 10th Antarctic Film Festival and it has also just been Nominatedfor Best Design & Art Direction at the Irish Animation Awards in March. Igloo would also like to thank Emma, Mags and Jill at Screen Ireland, Michael Algar and Adrienne Michel-Long as this short wouldn’t have happened without them.

About the Short: DEPOSITS “concerns the connection of all the “disappeared”, who are the remains of those murdered by the Provisional Irish Army and those killed centuries earlier by British Redcoats. In common they are buried without trace, but are connected by hopes for discovery.
So without further ado – here is the full film for your viewing. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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That’s it for now. Please email or phone in for any of your animation needs and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates – links below.

Very Best,
Trevor Courtney

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