Grandma’s Wild Garden (TV show)

Grandma’s Wild Garden is a 13 X 5 minute TV series for 4 – 6 year olds. Every day Dan and Nuala go to their grandma’s house after school and stay until their parents come home from work. At the beginning of each programme, Grandma asks them to see which of their wild friends is in the garden today.


Grandma’s Wild Garden brings garden wildlife into focus through the eyes of twins Dan and Nuala on their daily visits to Grandma’s extraordinary house at the centre of her wild garden. The audience, along with Dan and Nuala, spend a few seconds spotting the wildlife characters, which are highlighted as they are spotted, before the scene shifts to the house where they settle for Grandma to tell them the story. One of Grandma’s pictures will be the opening frame of the story.

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