The Clumps

The Clumps a 26 x 7 non-dialogue mixed media series for preschoolers – A show about encouraging Imaginative Play outdoors

Logline: The Clumps are mysterious garden creatures who venture out once-a-day to make the most of their precious time with fun, imaginative play.


In case you didn’t know, the Clumps are little creatures that live under stones in everyone’s garden (or park or window box.) However, unless you look closely you may never see one as Clumps spend most of their time sleeping. When they wake up, they come out to play and just for a few minutes every day.

Can you imagine only playing for a few minutes? You’d really have to cram the fun in. Well, that’s exactly what the Clumps do. With no time for elaborate rules or complicated games, the Clumps find fun in simple everyday outdoor things. To them, the sound made by dropping pebbles into a bucket of water can have them in belly laughs, dandelion seed chasing is high stakes adventure, and hide ‘n’ go flowerpot is the best game ever.

Inspired by their human ‘neighbours’, the Clumps make the most out of every fun-filled moment. It’s about celebrating the little triumphs, living in the now and looking at the outdoor world through fresh eyes. The Clumps find the extraordinary in the ordinary and discover that play is everywhere – especially useful if you’re a little creature with no time to lose.

So why not join Patch, Glumba and Mossy Clump as they wake up at the back of Murphys’ garden, ready for a brand-new playtime adventure! Go–Go-Clumps!

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