Away with the Fairies

A 26 X 11 comedy fantasy series for 5 to 7’s

Logline: A fairy girl from afar joins a club to help fantasy creatures in distress which is often perilous but made fun with her best friend.


A young fairy girl Zeeda and her family leave their scorching homeland Oldlava in search of a new home. They travel to Faraway Island, a distant magical land. At school, Zeeda and local fairy boy Jack are recruited by teacher Penny to join a new club, The Good People. Its aim is to help fantasy creatures in distress and restore the Faraway fairies good name and trust with all the beings throughout the land.

Faraway fairies have developed a formidable reputation and are much misunderstood. Why? Well, over the years many devious creatures have tried to steal the precious diamonds and rubies that light up their hidden tunnels, but they have responded with magical mischief and playful pranks. As a result, some creatures have lost their homes whilst others have simply run away. Now in Faraway, fairies are known throughout the land as a race not to be tangled with, even by the mortals (humans) that roam the land.

The Good People seek to change this fearful outlook on fairies. Penny recognises that Zeeda and Jack being naturally compassionate and adventurous are well suited to the job. Zeeda volunteers as a way make new friends and being an immigrant, help her adapt to the local customs whilst also holding onto her own Oldlava identity. Jack joins to grow his confidence through helping and specially to hang out with new classmate Zeeda.

Zeeda is confident but stubborn. Jack is creative but clumsy. Although their differences sometimes get in the way, they share a love of helping. And so, every time the school fairy ‘help bell’ rings, Jack and Zeeda, The Good People, are there to help the creature in need, no matter how perilous the situation. These creatures can be anything from a Giant to a Leprechaun or even a Banshee.

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